Hardware-Server or Cloud or …

(I’m from Germany and I have translated my text into English with Google Translate, so excuse me) :slight_smile:
Hi! I do not want to describe the long and turbulent history here in detail, it would go beyond the scope and would probably not be particularly interesting for most.
Briefly only the individual time stamps:
I have been working for the same agency continuously since 1992, starting with data center, then also layout and sys-admin and training.
In 2008 my boss sold the agency and we continued to work under the same name under a different management.
From mid-March 2020 we will be in the home office.
At the beginning of May, our bosses announced via video conference that they had filed for bankruptcy.
Our customers were horrified and absolutely want us to keep going somehow.
I skip this back and forth and all the options that we went through and partially addressed (#Nerven). Now another agency will very likely take over us, but more as a separate unit, which suits us very well.
We will be able to take all our equipment with us and I am now considering - after it worked so well in the home office with Dropbox and OneDrive - whether I will continue to use my old Mac server including Raid.
What are you using as a server? I actually know the weaknesses and inconsistencies of the Dropbox, but I’m always pleasantly surprised at how reliably and quickly it works.
With a business account you have enough storage (I need about 4 - 6 TB of data), you have a version control, the data does not fill the internal disk of the clients (my people are used to the data directly on the server) to open and edit. Even large Photoshop files, but also know about the dangers and we have therefore hardly had any problems over the years). The first download takes a while with the Dropbox (with the usual double-click), but I still think that’s ok.
I find the advantages just so brilliant, no more backups, no worries and costs for your own hardware, the space saved. On the other hand, it is also strange, of course, if you no longer have the data in your own storage.
I’m kind of torn at the moment and can’t really make up my mind. In the meantime, I’ve tried a few other cloud providers, I’m currently testing HiDrive from Strato (German server location), but compared to the Dropbox, there are always jams somewhere with other providers.
But since there is practically no Mac server anymore and I had to run a Windows server for a short time (went relatively well, but often had problems with data transfer and also with the software) and even 2 RAIDs I had my own operating system (EasyRaid, if it went great, but otherwise - catastrophe) I am completely unsure what I would take if I replaced the server.
Alternatively, there is still the possibility of a NAS, but I don’t trust them 100% either, but they probably work quite well for certain things.
So if anyone has any advice or suggestions, please do so. We are only 5 people here now, mainly Indesign and Photoshop files are processed. The largest Indesign files are max. 50 MB, Photoshop files max. 1 GB, but that is rather rare, mostly underneath.
Thank you for reading and for any tips.