Has anybody used iStatistica Pro?

It’s in BundleHunt this time around, and it basically looks like a version of iStat Menus that doesn’t live in the menu bar.

Anybody used it? Opinions?

I believe that’s the new name for the next-gen iStat Menus, which is going away. I don’t use my copy of iStat Me us any more but at that price it’s almost a no-brained even for me.

It looks like a different developer. iStat Menus is Bjango, iStatistica is ImageTasks. So while they look similar, that makes me feel like they’re probably not the same thing.

“iStat Menus, one of the coolest Mac utilities out there, has now become iStatistica Pro”


Interesting that the dev name switched in the process. Wonder if they spun it off or something?

Or maybe the post is incorrect, and the writer just assumed the two apps were related? I just did a search and found the dev offered download codes four years ago, as an alternative to iStat Menus.

I also searched his name and found no real relation to iStat Menus.