Has anyone created a Keyboard Maestro or OF Javascript script for moving OmniFocus tasks to a specific day?

In OmniFocus for Mac, I have some of the old AppleScript scripts to move one or more selected task due dates to Tomorrow, or Today, or Sunday, or Monday. These are all separate scripts.

Has anyone created a more general script (say in Keyboard Maestro or the new OmniFocus Javascript) to move the due date to a specific due date that I could select from a list?

Thanks, David

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Doesn’t the existing feature set of OmniFocus for macOS do this already? I can select several actions, click the date picker in the inspector for Due or Deferred, select a date, and assign the selected date to all the actions in that selection.

Sounds like the same automation you described?

@anon41602260 well, yes, I suppose that does what I’m asking. Perhaps I’m overthinking it. But mostly I like the ability to be able to use a keyboard command to set the specific day of the week in the future. That just makes it a little quicker to do. I guess I have to go back to the classic xkcd cartoon about effort vs. time-savings trade-off matrix: https://xkcd.com/1205/

Thanks, David

OmniAutomation for OmniFocus offers several plugins – none of them exactly what you want, but the scripting could be adapted using OmniAutomation.