Has anyone else replaced an iPhone XS with the iPhone 11 pro and had a terrible experience transitioning?

I have had 8 iPhones since 2008. This is the 7th time I’ve transferred to a new iPhone and the only time I remember having had any problems. Last night I actually called to ask if I could return the iPhone. I’ve spent days and many hours talking to “an apple senior advisor”, finally took the iPhone to Best Buy, where I was finally able to transfer directly from my iPhone XS, so I thought I was all set. But instead I still had over 90% of my apps “unable to install”. The iPhone 11 has been wiped 3 or 4 times. I’ve had to reset Face ID 5 times. And I still have haven’t gotten many apps working properly.

I expect that some of my original problems were probably corrected by the recent updates to iOS 13. For example when I first tried to transfer directly from iPhone XS to iPhone 11, the verification code came up under the setup window which meant that the only way I could see it was to close setup and then the code couldn’t be used because setup was closed. This didn’t happen at Best Buy on Tuesday, so I guess this problem was corrected by then.

Anyone else having these problems?

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I had issues moving from a 7 plus. In the end I had to set up as new, then run software update, then transfer everything over. The update to 13.1.2 crashed every time otherwise. But since then it has been flawless.

I went from XS max to 11 Pro. I was not able to do the phone to phone transfer but had no issues when I did the usual restore from iCloud back up. As an aside, I am loving my return to the non-max screen size.

But they both have the same 6.5" screen size. :confused:

He went to the 11 Pro, not the 11 Pro Max. :blush:

So no, the 11 Pro has a smaller display.

But I get your confusion, I am constantly getting confused about those model names myself. :blush:


Ugh. Good catch, thanks.

I still call my phone the Eks-Ex-Max.


The names are definitely unhelpful. :slight_smile:

I’m going from XS Max to 11 Pro Max. My XS was on 13.1.2 but the new phone was on 13.1. I was trying to use the wireless transfer. It required the new phone to be updated and this didn’t complete even though I let it run overnight. I then had to shut the phone down which basically bricked it. A genius was able to get it back with an iTunes restore (tip - you now need to wait 3-4 times longer holding down sleep/wake before you see the white apple - according to the genius). This delayed me using my new phone by about 24 hours, luckily there is a store nearby. Lesson learned is get them both to the same version before starting. Also be prepared to have no access to both phones during the transfer so best do it just before bedtime - and don’t count on it working the next day either!

Make sure you transfer all tokens for mobile banking apps also before resetting the old phone too. Unless you enjoy dealing with your bank’s customer service.

I’m always running an IOS beta when I get a new phone, so I don’t try to update directly device-to-device from my old phone.

I have to update th new phone to the current beta - then I can use device-device from my iPad to get basic settings across and the restore from iCloud backup. Takes a while, but works.

I’m in the same boat and I agree. How’s your experience been with the iPhone 11 Pro’s battery? I’ve been disappointed, not lasting as long as I thought it would. Knew I’d be giving up some time switching from Max to non-Max, but certainly not making it through to the end of the day with much to spare.

For me, anecdotally, the 11 Pro battery lasting noticeably longer than my old XS Max. With the max, I would always find myself wanting to plug in for a charge boost whenever I could. Granted it is easily days for me with 11 Pro (Day 11) but I have had two biz trips, to Florida and India, and battery has been great. Haven’t found myself looking for a charge despite typically heavier use when on the road. Might have gotten lucky with this phone and unlucky with previous max.