Has anyone received the Stream Deck Pedal yet?

Mine has (finally) shipped, and should be here by Monday, March 7th, although I’m hoping it might be early. :crossed_fingers:

It’s currently in Memphis… I wonder if Stephen could pick it up and make a road trip to upstate New York.

It’s less than 1300 miles / 20 hours by car! I think we all agree that would be a great road trip. Myke is apparently coming into town, they could be Road Trip Buddies!

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else had received theirs yet. I’m assuming it will use the regular Stream Deck app which would mean that I can use it to trigger Keyboard Maestro macros.

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OMG How did I miss this?

How long has this been out?

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Looks like it was announced the end of January but it immediately sold out, which is why I’m so “late” in getting mine.

Will have to wait a bit longer…

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That roadtrip is a great idea…they could livestream it whilst also handing out the remaining face stickers along the way…

I have! I got it a few weeks ago and have been using it quite a bit. I find it incredibly useful to switch between Ecamm Live scenes while filming iOS Today so I can easily switch to a view with my iPhone overlaid, or a view of my iPad. I’m still fine-tuning profile switching—I find it sometimes “bounces” back to my default profile, so I suspect I’ll dedicate a button on my 32 button Stream Deck as a Pedal Profile Switch so I can see the current scene and switch easily.


Doooooh… of course you have.

Mine is supposed to be here Monday but it’s already at my local FedEx hub…

I wonder if it’s too much to hope they might deliver it tomorrow (Friday) instead.


UPDATE 2: It’s here!

Of course, the main use I wanted it for (editing podcast audio) is now done, but I’m sure that I’ll find another use for it.

I have the AirTurn Duo 200 which I could never get to reliably work. I gave it to my son who can (hopefully) use it with his iPad for turning pages in sheet music. Thus I was “enabled” to get the Stream Deck Pedal too.

Oof. That’s a long time.

I got mine from Corsair.com directly, but I assume from your flag icon you aren’t in the USA and I assume that’s what’s causing the delay.

@RosemaryOrchard - Are there specific hardware or software features which make this superior to a generic USB foot pedal connected to Keyboard Maestro?

Now @MacSparky has his, too! David shows the same Bluetooth pedal thing that I have that he, too, is replacing.