Has anyone succesfully install VirtualBox with 64-bit Linux VM

I managed to find a beta version of VirtualBox that supports Apple Silicon

However, once run, it seems that it only supports 32-bit linux.

Ultimately I want to run Home Assistant server on my M1 Mac Mini, using VM

any suggestions or recommendation?

Perhaps UTM would work?

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I moved over to UTM and have been quite happy with it and have 64 bit linux VMs running. I have Fedora 37 and RHEL 9.1. Both for ARM architecture.


UTM looks really cool!
VMWare is becoming annoying to me.
Maybe I’ll finally be able to run Pop_OS! on my M1 MBP.
Thanks for the post.

Ah. QEMU under the hood. I’ve used that on Linux. Works well.

thanks for all the sharings , UTM it is :grinning:

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just wanted to share, I found a very detailed and thorough step by step instruction for installing Home Assistant on Apple Silicon Mac. This is extremely helpful for non tech person like me

I really appreciate the author Siytek that took the time and effort to write this

I real


I finally managed to get HA working in supervised mode on my M1 Mac Mini. I had to apply a few modifications along the way. I also restored from the full back up tar file from my Debian box that I redepoy to run other applications.

The only thing I cannot get it to work is the Sonoff USB dongles Plus (E). I tried plug and play, did not work. I even turned on USB sharing from host. I installed the driver but somehow it was blocked by Ventura. I looked through the Mac settings (aka preference) screen and I cannot find where the driver file was blocked. As usual on Mac Ventura, once it is blocked not matter how many times to re-install the driver, it would not be unblock

Just wondering anyone using UTM on Apple Silicon Mac has this experience and more importantly the solution. For now, all my Zigbee devices are offline :unamused:

I just stumbled on this video about virtualization options on M1. I thought maybe the folks in this thread might be interested. Here is the link:

It’s quite well done and goes over UTM, Parallels, and VM Ware Fusion Player. It mentions Virtual Box, but VB had not been updated for M1/M2 at the time the video was made.

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thanks for sharing, I am reasonably happy with UTM but it does have a few quirks to prevent my Home Assistant using the Skyconnect ubs dongle. Other than that, there is no major issue with UTM. I may explore using it for other services that do not rely so much on external devices compatibility