Has anyone tried MacForge?

I just stumbled across this app called MacForge which gives me iOS Jailbreak vibes but on a Mac hahaha, has anyone tried this out and is it safe to use etc?

It is asking me for some weird permissions but some of the plugins are super useful:


To you use this you need to disable Apple’s anti-malware System Integrity Protection (SIP), which protects against unrestrained root access, a major security weakness of macOS.

And then, in addition to trusting MacForge you need to blindly trust any 3rd party plugin too… and leave yourself SIP-less and vulnerable to anything else coming onto your system. No thanks.

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Yeah you’re right! I was looking for someone like you to tell me not to do it :joy:
Some of the tweaks are very tempting but you’re right, the malware risks far outweigh the benefits!