Has anyone tried out Noto for note taking?

I downloaded a trial version to play with.

I’m not sure I love the somewhat artsy way that notes and folders are displayed, but overall it seems like it might be a worthy alternative to Apple Notes.

I was wondering if anyone has as of yet gotten the paid version (which unlikes all the features that would really make it useful) and if anyone has any thoughts.


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You might want to check out the MacStories review:

I tried it for a moment but didn’t find any unique features that would make me switch from my existing apps/processes.

Search is very primitive. You can find a note where your search term resides, but there’s no intra-note Find (yet).

I try it every couple months but still can’t figure out how to reorder folders (if that’s possible).

Tried it for 5 minutes on maOS. Tried it on iPadOS and saw that it didn’t correctly sync via iCloud. Deleted it everywhere.

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