Has anyone tried Zoho Notebook?

I’m looking at Zoho Notebooks as a possible replacement or substitute for Apple Notes and Evernote. Has anyone had experience with this app or know much about it? Any information (reviews, experiences) would be helpful. Thanks!

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I was pretty disappointed with Zoho Notebook (“Notebooks” is a different app!) for a couple of reasons. First, sometimes checkboxes don’t render properly on the Mac, like so:


Those dollar signs should not be there - they should be checkboxes.

Second, you only see part of any given list, with not indication that there’s more when opened; for this test list above I’d created I actually has 15 items inside it.

It’s really nice that you can customize the covers of each of your books in Notebooks view, but when closed you have no idea how many separate notes are in each one. And if you view them in ‘All Notes’ view you have no indication of which notebooks they belong to.

It has some nice features: search is fast and useful, for example.

But in All Notes view it’s basically a clone of Google Keep, which I find to be an overall better-designed, much less buggy product. I periodically check out Zoho to see if it’s ever gotten good enough to drop Google Keep, but it really offers nothing but notebook covers over Keep.

Since it’s free you can - and should - play with it and decide for yourself. But also test-drive Google Keep.

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Ah, you’re correct bowline, it is “Notebook.” Thanks for the correction & for the example of where it’s not working so well. I’ll keep playing with it … and take a look at Google Keep. Thanks!

FYI I just ran across Noto in the Mac App Store. It looks like a cross between Zoho/Keep and Notes/Bear/Ulysses. It requires Catalina to run on the Mac (there’s also an iOS app) so I haven’t been able to try it. Free with $9.99 IAP for lifetime unlock.