Has anyone used a Cable/Cord Winder for their USB-C or other phone/computer cables?

I really love the idea of using a cable winder for all the lightning cables, the few USB-C cables I use.

I see some options on Amazon for automatic winders, but this seems to be the favorite: https://amzn.to/2WmJgWh Apologizes to anyone who has this, but the photos don’t make it look very nice. I know that isn’t the whole point. I am trying to marry a clean look with an easy way to continually move my MacBook Pro power cord.

For the lightning cables, I’m thinking one of these recoil like products would do the trick: https://amzn.to/2WqrMIw

I have plenty of snap and velcro cord keepers, but I think I’d like to try something that might look cleaner or have the added benefit of easily winding the cables since I move cables so often.

I’d love any feedback if you have any of these or suggestions if there’s something you think might work for me. Thanks in advance!

I’ve got one of those sidewinders from your first link, it might not look much but works quite nicely, I’ve been really pleased with mine.

That’s good to know. I might give it a whirl then.

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