Has anyone used Mailtemi? An iOS mail client with native JMAP / Fastmail support

I recently came across:

When I was using Fastmail, I struggled to find a good third party clients that supported JMAP and Fastmail labels.

This one appears to natively support Fastmail. Keen to hear if others have tried it and how well it works with Fastmail labels

I no longer have a Fastmail account to test this app’s functionality

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Nice catch! Never have seen a third-party JMAP client before…

However, I don’t think I trust entering my Fastmail credentials in this App.

Free download and no IAP? Are users the product?

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I agree. I was surprised to see an JMAP client

I think the risk is pretty low because Fastmail has a separate logins for mail etc so you can disable that if you are concerned.

It says everything happens on device and it’s privacy focused.

The lack of a business model is concerning but I know the desktop third party email clients (FMAIL) are also free. Maybe it’s something the developer wanted etc. the motivations are unclear.

I am not recommending this app because I have not tried it. I am merely sharing it hoping others can share their experience.

That could indeed be the case, as it is for the desktop client that I user (Fastmate).

(it helps that Fastmate is open source and I can compile it myself, which I do)


What’s wrong with Fsstmail’s iOS app?

Nothing, if you have only a Fastmail account. Otherwise, you must either forward other accounts to Fastmail or use another app for your non-Fastmail account(s).

I used the former approach recently when trying Fmail on the Mac, but decided against that for organizational purposes and am now back to stock Mail on iOS and MailMate on macOS.

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