Has Private Relay Gotten Any Better?

I switched Private Relay off soon after it was released because it was causing issues and Safari seemed to be running slower.

Do you have PR running and does it seem any better than when it was first released now that we have had several OS updates?

I still use it, but I have to temporarily turn it off frequently.

I’ve been running it for quite a while without issue.

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I’ve never turned it off. Sometimes a website, like Grubhub for example, will think I am several hundred miles away from where I actually am. But that’s easy to fix. Otherwise, I’ve never had a problem with it.

I’m curious why the OP thinks there’s a problem.


I’ve had it on since day 1 (-ish …). Like @KVZ sites don’t know where I am, but a minor annoyance at best. Other than that, no issues.

My bank didn’t like it. I usually had to turn off PR in order to log in. And my credit card provider’s site wasn’t too fond of it either. So I quit using it.

Besides, if anyone wants to know everything about me they just have to ask Amazon.:cry:

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I saw the title and thought “Oh no, what did my company do now?”


:joy: sorry about that!


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Switch On.

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I turned it on recently on all my devices and I’ve not even noticed a slowdown. Much better than when it was launched, and no need for a VPN subscription for privacy (I canceled mine and saved $100 a year :slightly_smiling_face:).

I’ve turned it off immediately because it does not offer any advantages for me. I use a pi-hole / DNS combo at home and use wireguard to always be connected to my home network wherever I am (nice feature of the wireguard client apps: enable when not on a specific network).

Because I run mac address based routing for my kid’s devices on the pi-hole (filter “bad stuff” etc) the features like mac address masking cause me more headaches than they solve.

  • The only times I’ve had issues with my network is usually when Apple’s devices turn on the private relay automatically and I can’t get on the internet at all.

If you could choose your country on Private Relay I’d do the same!

I turned it on months ago and promptly forgot about it. I don’t have any issues with it at all.

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I turned it on from the beginning and have never turned it off. Not even sure what it really does. I use Firefox or Chrome if a website has a problem with Safari, which bypasses private relay. But I’ve got no problems with any of the sites I frequent regularly.

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Turned it on when it was available. Ran into an issue with Cisco Anywhere connect vpn client which was fixed by using openconnect instead. Now they co-exist happily.