HashPhotos for organizing and culling images in Photos

One of those tasks I’ve never been consistent at doing is culling duplicate or near duplicate images from my Photos library. It’s been on my mind recently that I need to tidy up and bring in some older photos stored on a backup drive in my old Lightroom and Aperture libraries.

HashPhotos was mentioned on a recent episode of the iPadPros podcast. Fantastic! I don’t use Lightroom, everything is in Photos. This is the ideal tool to compare images side by side with magnification. Can be used alongside of Photos and has it’s own, additional metadata options such as Memo, keywords with batch metadata editing for things like location and data. Perfect for older photos. Very nice browsing experience and photo editing as well though I’ve not tried that.

I’ve spent some time the past two days finally culling images and this app is making it so much easier. Highly recommended!


thanks for sharing, this is timely discussion for me. I have tried to do de-duplication using PowerPhotos 2 but every time it got stuck at around 60% or 70%, I just sent a feedback email waiting for reply

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I use Hash Photos for separating my Family pictures from the random stuff I save from the Web. The Tagging features have improved greatly since i’ve started using it.

just an update. I got a reply from the developer of PowerPhotos 2, he sent me a link to a beta version. Installed and it is now working perfectly, at least for de-duplication

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