Have you activated Apple Advanced Data Protection? [Poll]

It has been more than a year since Apple allowed users to activate Apple Advanced Data Protection.

The question is, have you activated it…

  • Yes, I have turned on Apple Advanced Data Protection
  • No, I have not turned on Apple Advanced Data Protection
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I personally have not. I dont know enough about it. For example, I have a shared reminders list with my wife. If I activate it, will she lose access to the shared reminders list. Anyway, I am curious if others have activated it and the thought process behind it.

If you turn on ADP, your wife will also need to turn on ADP to keep access to shared Reminders (and Notes and other shared content).

I have not activated it yet as I have an old Mac mini on the account that my mother is primarily using but that I can’t remove just yet.

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Activated it the moment it became available in Canada and am now comfortable using iCloud for data I consider private.

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Same here. It works fine for me.

Are you sure? Because I have turned it on and I think my wife does not (I would be delighted if she had it). But our shared reminders work fine. Same for Notes, as far as I can tell.

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No, I may have misunderstood what Apple says in the support article re: sharing. They probably mean that this is a requirement for shared notes to also be e2e encrypted, not that it will not work.

Yeah. Cannot be end to end encrypted if one end does not do it I guess.

Ya I have on old MacBook running mail rules and acts as a backup destination that can’t upgrade past Catalina. Probably would otherwise though