Have you ever tried MacScan?

I was considering installing MalwareBytes 4 on my system for malware protection although while comparing alternatives, I have come across a product called MacScan by SecureMac.

They currently are shipping version 3 of this application. I am curious if anyone in the community has ever used the product or has an informed opinion about it.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, MacScan has a much more attractive interface and has clearly been designed specifically for macOS, however I am looking for a quality malware protection application so aesthetics is not my primary concern.

I’ve never come across MacScan but some quick Google-ing didn’t look promising. No real coverage of it past their own content and subreddits for the Mac seem to distrust it.

MalwareBytes is the standard for a lot of users. It’s UI isn’t great, but I’ve found it to be very useful when cleaning up systems.

That said, I don’t know if it’s worth running it all the time. That’s not much out there targeting Macs, and as long as you’re using some common sense about downloading things, you really shouldn’t ever run across much of anything that will gum things up. I view MalwareBytes as a tool to diagnose a Mac install, not preventive medicine, but that’s just me.


I’d look at malwarebytes or sophos home. Mac scan looks a bit off for some reason.

That’s been my gut feeling as well. I don’t have any particular reason for feeling uneasy other than a relative lack of industry reviews and not much of a user base.

The MacScan 3 product webpage claims they have been “Mac security experts since 1999”, yet very few people seem to even be aware of their existence.

I was attracted to their interface compared to MalwareBytes, but I think I will go with the far more reputable MB in spite of it.

It doesn’t seem like any of the Mac users I have talked to have ever heard of them.

The developer, SecureMac, sponsors a weekly podcast called The Checklist. I’ve listened to a few of their episodes and the host sounds reasonably informed about Mac security, but I still don’t feel comfortable choosing a relatively unheard of product over a widely respected competitor like MB.

MacScan looks a little better, but I’m not selecting a anti-malware program for its appearance.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Nope( But maybe I will give it a try. I am looking for best protection suite for mac, and have tried malwarebytes as a remedy for a particuliar malware on my macbook.

Have used MacScan for years. I got it in the days app bundles were popular and have renewed it when it went with subscription model. In-Browser tools only scan browser history. MacScan does scan the home folder and applications as well.

Solid software, low on system resources and cleans well. Regular definitions update. I like that it cleans up automatically after browser sessions. I do a full scan once a month.

Alternatively, if you have SetApp you can use CleanMyMac X to do a malware scan as well. Think they are pretty much the same…