Having a problem with Reeder on macOS and iOS; I can't Unsubscribe or delete a feed!

Recently I wanted to try a different RSS reader, especially if I could sync via iCloud. I went back to Reeder (mainly after seeing it on a few home screens lately) after being away for a few years, but I’ve got this one thing I can’t figure out.

I’ve got a feed for Netnewswire at the bottom (it’s just the RSS feed from the NNW blog), and I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe from it. I can’t delete it, either, because it keeps showing back up both on iOS and macOS.

Anyone seen this before and have a tip? I tried emailing the dev, but it seems like focus and support for Reeder is waning because of their new app.

To delete it, press and hold on the feed name. If you do that, and it still comes back, try turning off sync and deleting it on both iOS and Mac.


I have deleted it, but it kept coming back. However, your suggestion to turn off sync temporarily to try to keep it from showing back up might work. It’s such a weird little bug, and I don’t know why deleting it in one place does not delete it in both places.

I have seen iCloud take anywhere from a few seconds to more than a day to sync something. If it doesn’t work the first time I would try again and wait several hours before turning sync back on.

Good luck


I made a lot of changes to my Reeder recently (setting up new folders etc.) and hit a glitch where my phone refused to adopt the new settings and instead forced my other devices to resync the old ones. I don’t use the phone app much so I don’t want it proliferating old stuff every time I open it.

I solved this by turning on ”don’t fetch on this device” for all devices EXCEPT my ipad, which I treat as my source of truth (there is a warning to be careful with this in the app - if you disable fetch on all devices the app will stop working).

This has worked for me - any changes I make on the iPad filter out to other devices. I can still add new subs from other devices as well, but they won’t fetch the content.

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I did this, and then I discovered that I couldn’t even get my feeds to refresh at all.

Do you know how to wipe the iCloud data so that I could potentially start from scratch?

I do, but you trying it fills me with dread, I can see this going terribly wrong and you losing all your feeds. But to do it you would go to Feeds > iCloud and then scroll to the bottom of the menu and click Remove account.

Before trying this nuclear option, I would do the following:

  • gather up all your devices together and open Reeder on all of them. Choose which one is your Source of Truth, and toggle ON the “Don’t fetch on this device” for all the other devices. (Do not turn this feature on for your Source of Truth!!)

  • Check that you really didn’t accidentally turn on “Don’t fetch on this device” for your Source of Truth. If you did, turn it off again and pretend this didn’t happen.

  • Re-sync all your devices just to make sure all devices currently match (you can force a sync by pulling down on your list of feeds to refresh them).

  • On your Source of Truth, unsubscribe from the feeds you no longer want.

  • Sync your Source of Truth to iCloud.

  • Sync your other devices.

Your other devices should now sync to match your Source of Truth. So, if it’s now correct, your other devices will remove the unsubscribed feeds and the unread feed count should match.

Actually, just go your your iCloud account, say on your phone, and look at the directories. You should see a Reeder directory (or two). You can remove it and all its data. I would export a copy of the feed list that you might want to import back fresh.

Ha, thanks for your concern! I actually never deleted my NetNewsWire, and that has all of my feeds in it, as well. So, I exported a fresh OPML file from NetNewsWire earlier, and I’m gonna try that again later. Or, conversely, I may just go back to NetNewsWire, which is rock solid and has not been giving me any of these problems.

I found it in iCloud settings. I’m going to give it a few days, stick to NNW for a bit, and try again later.

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