Having an issue getting docker services to see a USB plugged into a Synology

Having an issue getting docker services to see and write/read to a USB plugged into a Synology. Think the issue is related to path/configuration and can’t get past this spot.

Happy to go into detail if this is a good spot for such detail.

How are you starting the container?
If from the command line, you can use the -v option to map a local drive to a folder in the container.

docker run -it --rm -v /Volumes/usbstick:/media/usb

mmm…this gets a bit more complicated, and haven’t been able to actually get to the usb.

  • Synology DSM 7.9
  • Docker
  • Few Docker services
  • Running mainly through portainer.

All services are up and running. Mapping fine if local to synology but accessing usb another story.

Completely missed that you wrote Synology. I guess I was excited someone was asking about Docker.

I found this, which doesn’t sound promising.

Have you tried SSHing into the Synology and looking at mount to see if/where the usb is mounted?
You might even need to do something through DSM to mount it.

Since the Synology is running linux, I would think it would be possible (somehow).

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I have Docker running on my Mac, and it has been doing well. Moving now to a more formal server and will return the Mac back more of a normal computer. Wish Mac had their version of Synology (and Time Capsule is still great all these years later.)

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The usb is plugged into Synology, and used DSM software to fully format the drive. Synology File Station sees the usb just fine.

DOCKER on the other hand seems to tied to Docker only. There are ways I just haven’t gotten it working.

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Connected a usb drive to my Synology. It shows as being mounted, and the mounted folder shows up in the Volume tab for Docker containers. As for the mount path, you might need to login on the container itself and create a mount point.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be. And frankly, one of the advantages of containers. Each container runs in its own namespace. Unless you tell it otherwise.