Hazel 5 beta is out

Details here:


Biggest chance is the most obvious one: it’s now an app instead of a System Preference pane.


Custom list attributes and custom table attributes should provide a lot more power and scope for defining tests.

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Why is it preferable for it to be an App?

Will it still be in the menu bar?

The hell with it…I only have a few relatively simple routines. Bring on the pain.

It’s not that it’s preferrable, it’s that it’s become a requirement for it to keep working long term with the changes to Catalina (stated by the developer in the forums).
Plenty of apps are in the menu bar while not being preference panes, and Hazel works in the background, so it would make sense for it to stay there. Through browsing the Hazel forums would probably yield a surer answer so as to check if that has been addressed. :slight_smile:


Ooooh yessssss!
An option to send money his way!

I’m not in favor of subscriptions, but in Hazel’s case I hope they allow for more structural support (and updates :-))

Indeed. TextExpander was the first app to make this transition, and I’ve seen others do it as well.

Preference Panes are, I think, only going to have a limited future.

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well I made the mistake of uninstalling 4 after installing 5 and it lost all my settings including license.
thankfully had 4 installed on another machine so easy enough to restore but might serve as a warning for others!

Will it go subscription (only)? That would be a pity. I like Hazel and use it, although lightly. Software subscriptions are a no-go for me though. So it would mean I have to go and look for alternatives (Folder Actions basically).

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There’s nothing indicating they are I think.
Just saying for Hazel I would not mind. They can also release a new version each year for me to pay, no problem. I just want it to stay viable as a product because it does a lot of my heavy lifting

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I love hazel but my use of it is limited to some cleanups etc. Will definitely be upgrading to v5 but if it goes the subscription route I’m out.

Was a subscription announced? I don’t want to create a forum account just to read the top linked post.

No pricing changes or updates announced, assuming it will be a paid upgrade on the basis that it says ‘your hazel 4 license will work for now’.

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Would an app be more scriptable than a preference pane?

There are many questions here which would probably get more (and accurate) answers on the app forums :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would certainly hope so!

Hazel version 4.0 was released on May 4, 2016, so not only would I expect that it will be a paid update, it should be a paid update.

If you follow that link, you will also see that in that time, Hazel has received regular updates and improvements (unlike, say, TextExpander, which has received almost no noteworthy changes or improvements since switching to a subscription model).

I have no insight as to whether or not Hazel’s developer might be considering switching to a subscription model, but if he did, I would not hesitate to sign up. Not only is Hazel a great and essential tool for me, but it is actively developed and improved.


Seconded, both in the meaning that I would be happy to support Hazel’s dev (he spends a lot of time helping people on the forums) and that Smile really are resting on their laurels with TextExpander.
The day iOS supports keyboard capture and automation, opening system-wide expansion, many users will jump off. They should work right now on keeping those users.

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An answer directly from Paul Kim (Hazel’s developer) regarding pricing model for Hazel 5:

There are no plans to change to subscription pricing.

As for licenses expiring, that’s because Hazel 5 licences don’t exist yet. The beta is allowing version 4 licenses until then.

You’d be hard pressed to find many Mac apps that get more regular updates than Hazel which are not subscription (and plenty which are that still don’t see as many updates as Hazel gets), but “There are no plans to change to subscription pricing” is pretty clear.

I expect that the MPU community will be some of Hazel 5’s biggest supporters, given that it’s one of the best automation tools on the Mac. For me, it’s one of a very small group of apps that I will buy the new version even before I download it.


The FAQ is up:


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Great …I’ll upgrade to a family account. I want to support him and his effort and I could use Hazel on pretty much every Mac in the home.