Hazel and Tags…I should have listened to David earlier

I have a workflow where I have to convert Keynotes to PDF and PowerPoints and move them to multiple folders.

I decided to give Hazel a try and found that it’s perfect for moving those files automatically based on how I tag it, duh it’s what it’s for, and has saved me a boatload of time.

I should have jumped onboard with this earlier.

Is there a rule that will tell Hazel to automatically convert a Keynote file into a PDF and PowerPoint?

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Not using Hazel alone.

And as far as I can tell, Shortcuts doesn’t have the Keynote actions you’d need.

But I’m guessing you could probably do this with a combination of Hazel and AppleScript. I haven’t actually learned AppleScript, so this syntax won’t be correct, but the logic would be something like:

Tell application Keynote to:

  • Open the presentation
  • Export the presentation as PDF
  • Export the presentation as PPTX
  • Close the presentation

You could have a Hazel rule that runs that AppleScript based on whatever trigger you’d like.

Like you, I should have jumped onboard with Hazel much sooner. I’m still fine-tuning rules, but I’ve been using it to automatically rename and file bank statements, credit card statements, pay stubs, and the like. The initial setup has taken some doing, but it’s going to be a huge time savings in the long term.

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I think Shortcuts does have a Make PDF from action which should accept and convert any file to PDF. Perhaps, you can test with that.


I will try this!! Thank you.

Sounds like you may have your answer or at least some good leads. But I thought I’d point out that Hazel has a very good user forum in case you need further support. The developer, Paul, is active there as well.


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