Hazel folders "grayed out"

Hi - I have an usual problem.

  1. I did a clean install of Mojave
  2. I have reinstalled Hazel via the advice at the Noodlesoft site which advises:
      • Quit System Preferences.
      • Launch Activity Monitor and find HazelHelper. Quit HazelHelper.
      • Find cfprefsd. Quit any occurrences that you can (some may be for other accounts and you can’t kill them).
      • Restore the following:
      • In your Library/Application Support folder, the Hazel folder
      • In your Library/Preferences folder, the files starting with com.noodlesoft. Reboot.

BUT now my folders look like this — they are pale, almost ‘grayed out’


and the rules don’t work.

When I try to add a new folder I’m taken to a folder dialog box like I’m trying to add a folder in Finder.

Mac Gurus - please what am I doing wrong?


It looks like Hazel lost the folder connection somehow? When you clock “show in finder” what does that say?

Do you own all the files and folders in the folders you listed in 5 and 6 above? Cthey could be gray because you don’t have permission to make changes to them.