Hazel Issue on Synology

Trying to see if anyone had this issue yet. I work with a lot of audio files.
I have a rule that when I finished editing all audio files, I put them in the completed folder.

Hazel then runs a rule that puts all the audio files into folders according to Artist (using the Authors field)

Recently for a specific Artist I was working with, they had 2500 files. I updated the rules to sort by “Authors - Album”. This works on my local drive.

However, when I try to run the same rules on any audio file residing in my Synology, it ignores everything and renames the folder to just " - " and moves all files in there and that’s it.

I checked the rules, their locations, the folders, etc. Can’t figure out why I can run the rules locally fine, but on the Synology I can’t.

Maybe the Synology should host files only after they’re processed by Hazel?

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Along similar lines I had a hazel rule which involved executing a shell script to process a PDF using QPDF stop working. The watched folder was on iCloud drive, I had just moved it there. Long story short the exact same rule worked when executing on a local folder. Somehow whatever iCloud drive was doing was incompatible with using the shell script. I couldn’t say it was Hazel or QPDF (it was QPDF returning an error).

I am going to try running another test with Hazel (or another app) for more experimentation. Or maybe it’s as you said, the rules need to be run locally.