Hazel - PDF Contains Match fails - text is reversed

My main, most important, Hazel workflow is to rename and organize expense report PDF’s that are generated online (from Expensify.com if you’re interested.) This workflow used to work flawlessly but now is failing to find the “contains match” criteria. When I look at the preview of the rules, all of the text shows up backwards. That is, “Expense Report” shows up as “tropeR eSnepxE”.
When I open the same file in PDF Expert, Adobe PDF, or even preview, the search functions work normally. I don’t have any right-to-left language settings on my Mac - just English (US). I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Hazel and even tried the new beta version 5 but get the same results.
Does anyone else have problems with reverse text in your pdf’s or have any suggestions I could try? Thanks!

PDF is horrible. And different PDF parsers will have different issues with any given PDF. Clutching at straws but has anything changed about the PDF file in question?

All I can think of at this point is the method Expensify.com is using to generate their PDF documents is causing the problem. I’ve looked at other PDF’s using similar Hazel rules and the text isn’t reversed. Thanks

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