Hazel to convert Pages to Word and PDF?

I’ve been listening to MPU and Automators podcasts for several months, but haven’t really got started with automation - so I’m a complete novice. Sorry if this is already covered somewhere but I couldn’t find my exact scenario in other posts.

At work my current workflow is to create a new Pages document from a template, then export the file as a Word document, then export it again as a PDF document, then close the pages document without saving (and I have my Mac set to open Word documents in Pages in case I need to edit it in future, in which case I would then export again as PDF to overwrite the old version.

Is there a way to automate this - perhaps using Hazel? My thought was that I could have the workflow of:

Create new pages document from template, Save (as Pages document) - then have Hazel watch the folder and automatically create a Word and PDF from this Pages document. If the Pages document gets updated in future it automatically overwrites the old Word and PDF documents with the updated version.

However as a beginner I don’t know where to start. I’ll buy Hazel if this can be done, but don’t own a licence currently.

Thanks for any pointers or help!

Looks like it can be done, but Hazel not going to be doing the work. See this link found by an internet search for “applescript pages to word pdf”

You can use Hazel to detect a new Pages file and then launch an Applescript. You’ll need to write your own Applescript, but the link above gives you a starter if not the end.

PS. I use and get a lot of value out of Hazel.