Hazel - trying to sort video into subfolder by date created

I have a lot of video captured by several devices (iPhone, Olympus, GoPro) that I am trying to organise. I have used Hazel to easily sort photos into subfolder by capture date but am struggling to do the sae with the videos. The create and modify date are the dates when they were exported from Photos to work with so aren’t useful. Anyone have suggestions or alternatives?

One option would be in the action for the file, you can select a variety of “other” items, once of which is “Content created.” If your video files have the necessary metadata you can use that property.

When you do the “sort into subfolder” action, you will then see “with pattern:” and there will be a place where you create the pattern. When you click there and get the popup with the various things you can use to create your pattern, click the “other” button and you can select Content Created.

Thanks. I tried that but it sorted them all (iPhone, GoPro, Olympus) into a folder of the date that the file was created. So they all ended up in the same folder.