HDMI Port Problems with Mac Mini

Hi All,
I have a Mac Mini that I use as my main computer, and I run three monitors off of it. However, I noticed that one of my monitors would lose its connection any time that the computer goes to sleep, turns off, etc. After a bit of shuffling monitors, cables, adaptors, etc., I’ve discovered that its the HDMI port that’s problematic.

The only thing that I can do to get the HDMI port to work again is turning the computer off and resetting the SMC. Does anyone have any ideas for a more permanent solution? Do I just need to send it in to Apple when the pandemic is over and I don’t need it for working from home? Are there any potential issues from resetting the SMC long term?

Thank you for the help!

Have you tried disabling sleep on the Mini and just having the monitors go dark? When on power I never sleep my computers since I have backup tasks that run at night.