Heads Up - Big Sur betas and Hazel

@MacSparky mentioned that Hazel’s ‘rename’ was not working in Developer Beta 1 of Big Sur.

It is still broken in developer beta 2.

Over on Hazel’s ‘beta’ forum, someone asked:

I tried to do some rename things and it crashed instantly. I understand it is beta and that is why I am asking here. Is a new beta planner for Big Sur?

to which the developer replied:

There will be eventually but it will be a while. Please do not rely on Big Sur for any work until its final release.

Which leads me to think that it won’t be out any time soon, even with Public Beta 1 “coming soon”.

If you can use shell scripting you might be able to work around this with a shell script action in Hazel, but if you rely on Hazel’s “Rename” feature, stay away from Big Sur for the time being!

(One of the advantages of having a separate “always on” Mac is that I do almost all of my Hazel stuff on that computer – which is running Mojave – instead of my MacBook Pro. All I do on my MacBook Pro is move stuff to a folder that syncs to that ‘always on’ Mac, and that Mac does the filing, etc.)

There may be other software that doesn’t work either, but since Hazel is a big MPU tool, I thought this was worth mentioning.