Health App in iPadOS 17

I’m so happy that the Health app is coming to iPadOS - the screen real estate available on the iPad and especially the landscape view just makes it so much easier to see and interact with your information. I can see myself taking my iPad to medical appointments and having discussions with a healthcare provider around a larger screen much more than with my iPhone. Granted, my iPhone is always with me and wins from that point of view, but for reviewing information and looking at trends, etc the iPad is much better.


For me, it about 2 things

  1. What you said above

  2. Using and programming shortcuts including Health actions on the ipad is so much more comfortable than on the iphone


I’ve been hoping that Apple would include an export to CSV function. I’ve tried a couple of apps that coverts Apple’s xml info to CSV but have never found one that doesn’t get flaky after a while.

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So far I’ve had good luck with Health Auto Export JSON+CSV, tho I’ve only used the CSV part


It is a shame that they are not also putting it in macOS too. Being able to extract the data straight onto a Mac would be so useful for analysising the data collected. I would like it if from a Mac I could include all my blood pressure readings from the last few years to combine them with my exercise data.

Something else making it even better would be the possiblity to incorporate meal data. The iPhone “nutrition” feature expects the user to do the breakdown of vitamins and other nutrients. There are huge datasets around that have a breakdown of these things for various food stuff and extracting the nutrional elements from them is relatively easy but with no simple way to combine the results into the Health apps data.


Totally agree on the screen space thing!


It apparently takes around 8 years to develop each version of the Health app so we should expect news of a Mac version at WWDC 2031.

It would require me updating one my machines, but can’t Apple Silicon macs run iPad apps natively?

My snarky comment was an attempt at humor. Apple took years to release a weather app for the iPad and still hasn’t given it a calculator.

But to answer your question, yes the new Macs can run some iPad apps. If the developer wants to offer it on the Mac.

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Ah, if the developer wants to offer it…. I wonder if Apple will consider it ‘good enough’ to be run on a Mac, or whether they’ll want to polish some features before letting it run.

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I hope they consider it good enough. Their polishing department seems to stay backed up a lot. :grinning:

Or they just need to use one of their bespoke polishing cloths - allegedly they work wonders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no… your comment has just made that mentally click for me. For some reason, I assumed Health was coming to macOS :frowning: I was excited because reviewing data would be handy and also, for Shortcuts, being able to add tedious Health log procedures repetitively was going to be SO SO SO much easier on Mac. Today it says “This is not supported on macOS” … sigh. I wish they’d bring it over to the Mac. Same with things like the Batteries widget too - maybe it has been with the new update to Widgets?

Can’t apps like Myfitnesspal convert your food and add it to health?

Interesting. I looked on the app store for this from my Mac and switched to iPhone and iPad apps but Myfitnesspal did not show up. I looked on the app store from my iPhone and it did show up but I baulked at the subscription fees; fees that are utterly confusing with the monthly and yearly rates listed more than once and for different amounts of dosh. Expensive when its features are a nice-to-have not a must-have feature and considering that both the US FDA and the UK DEFRA publish the nutrition content of food products for free. (Know that because I looked at programming my own app for food analysis using that data.)

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I don’t really trust that their database is always correct, is it user updated / community maintained? I think some places - for example here in the UK with the M&S Bakery it’s not on their site so I believe a lot of sources online just use similar baked goods elsewhere, which isn’t necessarily the same in terms of the nutrients / food categories to log.

Those high subscription fees and a privacy policy that would make Mark Zuckerberg jealous :grimacing: Are you in the UK? If so, MyNetDiary has a good database and in many ways is better designed (nice interface….terrible app name!).