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The Apple Watch has continued to help with my fitness… I am a health enthusiast, but don’t really do races or triathlons etc… I like to run, walk, hike, swim and I really like all the health data I get from my watch. I am looking to explore further - what apps and websites do y’all use these days? Its a busy space now and I’m looking for some recommendations.


Not sure how many hoops you will have to jump through to use these, I used an app called Run Gap to export workouts from Apple Health. All of these are better if you pay money.

Not sure what you are looking for exactly, so here are my favorite fitness tracking sites:

For running my favorite is Smashrun. It’s not real in-depth, but it gives you lots of stats and breakdowns of your runs and past performance.

Runalyze specializes in running, but tracks everything. Lots of stats and helps give you fit and fatigue type numbers. Gets really in-depth.

Strava if you have friends who workout. Also has some good stat info. The big thing with Strava is segments. Chances are you local roads are full of segments for running and cycling where you can post times against others.

Veloviewer, it works with Strava and gives you even more stats. is another tracker for everything. I am new to this one, but so far it looks really good.

A note: a lot of these sites need some sort of hub. Garmin’s site works really well if you use Garmin products, but Strava is also good at this and lots of other sites will support Strava. Some of these, like Strava will work with Apple Health, others you might need an exporter like I mentioned above.


Oh and there is also RubiTrack in the Mac App Store. I am still not sure on this one. It is not user friendly and feels kind of rough, but it is nice having a real Mac app.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Those sites look great - I guess what I am looking for is a site that aggregates all that data… I love data… I love tracking it and making charts/graphs etc. There are a few APPS on iOS that do this and I like them, but I am looking for a website (trusted) that people like and use… I think Strava is coming the closest. By the way, the APP is Athlytic - ‎Athlytic: AI Fitness Coach on the App Store

That app looks like it’s trying to be a Whoop clone. Sleep, HRV, overall fatigue, etc. supposedly there are a few apps like that on AW, but maybe someone else here can recommend a good one?

Runalyze does everything, it’s just not particularly pretty. Although I know it imports other data, I am not sure if it uses that data to help you predict your readiness. Sleep for instance, it will import it (from Garmin it will, not sure if it does from Apple Health), but not sure it does much with it.

Strava has a “Freshness and Fitness” chart on the paid level. Runalyze has even more in that area. They rate all your workouts then they do some computations to tell you if you’re ready for a workout and if you’re over training.

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I like to create my own charts, so I use Health Auto Export, which allows me to export my general health and/or workout stats in either a JSON or CSV file… hope this helps!

Check out HealthFit too. I’m a big fan of this one. Gives much more in-depth data.


I like this one - I may try this over Athytic … Plus, it exports to Strava :slight_smile:

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The Quantified Self community discuss such apps and web sites regularly. There was a QS app that would extract data out of Apple Health app but that is no longer maintained. Their forums are at

and are also Discourse based. More general info can be found on their web site at

Personally I would be happy if Apple provided a Health program for macOS that meant I do not have to export data from my iPhone (and I hope soon an Apple Watch) to do statistical analysis on my exercise sessions. If they can do it for Watch to/from iPhone why not also to/from macOS too? Would mean I was able to merge my exercise data with my blood pressure readings where the latter are in a Numbers spreadsheet.


This may seem nitpicky but I think it is incredibly important to understanding the value and validity of the app.

The existing “Health” app in iOS has nothing to do with Health. It tracks fitness but not health.

There is certainly a relationship between fitness and help, but they are very different concepts and I believe the name “Health” is very misleading.

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As the Health app can record blood pressure (from some other source until the much anticipated blood pressure detection patent is impleneted in Watch), sleep behaviours, atrial fibrillation, ECG readings, hooks into personal health care record systems, audiogram results (as a member of the Deaf community this could be of use to sign langauge friends). adbonimal health, a dozen other medical metrics, and via Watch ovulation possibilities (not much use to men other when if sharing data with a partner) I think it does far more than just track fitness. But as the OP was asking about fitness surely this nitpick is a non sequitur.


The Health app is another thing that holds me back from returning to the Apple Watch, as much as I would like to. Garmin has a web app that may not be the best in the world, but it has all your data in one place and it is really easy to export. And pretty much every fitness-based website syncs with it. When I was using an Apple Watch I had to use a special app (Run Gap) just to get workouts synced with 3rd party sites (some sites work with it better than others).

I would love to see Apple do more here, and get Health on the Mac/web that could then be exported elsewhere.

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Yes! That was the premise of my original post. I’d love to see Apple do this.

I (again) suggest you look at Health Auto Export. There is an iOS as well as a macOS version; it syncs the data out of health which you can then export to a JSON and/or XML file. I then merge this information with the information that I download from my oncologist and put into a spreadsheet

Two things against that app. First I am currently stuck on iOS 12 and the app requires iOS 14 as minimum. Secondly the app is subscription based. I have no problem with paying for an app one tme but I refuse to keep paying out for a single use product.

There looks to be a one time fee for lifetime access according to the store page.

Interesting it exports to Home Assistant - not sure how I’d use that data though! I guess that’s perhaps for easy integration in to Grafana and InfluxDB. Otherwise, I can have an automation on the fridge or snack cupbaord door that messages me every time it opens if I’m over a certain weight! :rofl:

Already mention Healthfit is good - I’ve used that with the Apple Watch in the past to get everything to Strava, where I think make use of Veloviewer.

I do use Rubitrack but I don’t make as much use out of it as I possible could.

Speaking of Rubitracks, I subscribed, but it’s a little rough around the edges. It desperately needs tooltips IMO. Also, the UI is not at all intuitive for me. I think it’s a good app, but would love to see some QOL stuff improvements.

I’m still using v5. Not updated yet - trying to consider if it’s worthwhile, as really, it’s just another data dump and Garmin/Strava deal with that for me already.