Heart Month Challenge 14-Feb-2021: 60 minutes in 1 session?

The Heart Month Challenge for 2021 was adding 60 minutes to the training ring on your Apple Watch on Valentine’s Day (14-Feb-2021).

I have been active in 3 different sessions today. Each of them less than 1 hour, but together for 113 minutes, so I expected to get the badge for this challenge, but I did not get it.

What’s the exact text in native English? Maybe something went wrong in translation?

Did anyone get the badge, without being active for 60 minutes in 1 session?

I got mine after a session in excess of one hour running… I think its in one exercise session. But I could be wrong. And to be honest, I didnt get mine straight away. It took like an hour before it showed up.

Not showing off at all lol

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I hadn’t even noticed this was available but I did 60 minutes and haven’t received an award yet, either. The note just said something along the lines of ‘earning 60 minutes on your exercise ring’, though. It didn’t say in one session. Dunno.

I haven’t been paying attention to the awards but now I’m upset. :slight_smile:

Restart your watch. It will appear. (Hold both buttons until it you see the Apple logo.)

It’s not one session, just filling 60 minutes total.


Reboot? It’s not a Microsoft watch!
That did work. No notification, but now it is listed in the awards.

That would explain why I sometimes get badges when I upgrade watchOS…

PS: Indeed get the badge after rebooting…

You never have to reboot? Every few months something will happen which will cause the battery to drain quicker than usual and a reboot always fixes it for me. Maybe I have some app that gets unstable?

The last couple of months I have only rebooted as part of a watchOS update.

There’s one App (Seven) that I sometimes force-quit though.