Help creating a shortcut

I need help creating a shortcut that I can fire up through the share icon in Safari.

The shortcut needs to take the URL of the current page in Safari and insert it a specific place in an already populated email with both to and from addresses inserted along with the subject field.

Recipient, subject and content of the email will be the same always, but the webpage being shared different.

Can anyone help me making this?

Hopefully this works

Here’s a link to the shortcut itself Shortcuts

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Thanks! Almost did it! Do you know if there is a way to populate the email message with text and then have the link appear at a specific point in the text?

The text will be the same each week, but the link will be different

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Something like this? Last item from list is there because Safari was sharing the URL twice when I tested it.

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Thanks that worked perfectly @cornchip! thanks!

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Hey @cornchip I need some help creating a similar shortcut.

I need a shortcut that when I’m on my iPhone or iPad I can use to take a document in print mode, basically a web page that I have pressed print on and expanded into pdf-viewer mode - hope you know what that means.

Then I want to be able to trigger a shortcut from there which takes that pdf of the web page and inserts into a specific place in a new email of which both the recipient and the content of the email and the subject will be the same.

Is that something you can help me with?

Hmm, I can get close at a first stab. This shortcut will make the PDF for you and attach it. However, I can’t get it to insert the attachment inline between the text. I also tried with an image instead of a PDF and it also put the image after the text, even though I appended in text-image-text order.

One thing you can’t do is put the PDF into a text field, like in the previous shortcut. It’ll put the PDF content between the two sections of body text, but it’ll extract the text from the PDF file instead of attaching the PDF.

Hopefully somene here knows the trick to complete this.

Wow thanks @cornchip ! You know what, I’ll take it if you have that kind of shortcut that just inserts the pdf as an attachment into the email anywhere and the email has the same content, subject and receiver

You’re there, then. On the Send Mail action, choose a contact (might have to make one first for this email address) and write as subject line. I took out the second section of body copy since you can do it all in the first text section.

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Hi everyone

I need some help amending this shortcut that someone here helped me with:

It makes a pdf of the webpage and attaches it to a new email with specific content and a specific recipient.

But I need to amend it so it also includes the link of the webpage that it makes a pdf of.

Can anyone help me correct it this way?

Here you go: modified send PDF.

You’ll need to fix the recipient and subject line in the final step, since I changed them for testing purposes.

What I did was add a “Get URLs from shortcut input” action, then drop the resulting URL into your existing text box.

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Thanks. That worked! Is there a way to have the link appear after the word “anmeldelse” like this

“anmeldelse: [link]”

Right now it appears at the bottom of the text

There is. :+1:

The “Get URLs from shortcut input” action produces a variable called “URLs”.

I dropped that variable at the end of the text as an example, but it could go anywhere you like — even in multiple places.

Just for kicks, I tried dropping it into the subject line of the email, to see if

anmeldelse: URLs

would work. It does! Though it gives a long subject line. :smile:

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Does anyone know how I can get this shortcut to appear in the share sheet of the print menu on iOS?


Because I usually have to put the web page into print mode to forgo cookies warning in the pdf before I attach it to the email.

So this shortcut works best if it makes the pdf from the print menu, but I can’t activate the shortcut from there for some reason. I can activate others

Maybe someone has the answer :blush: