Help figuring out upgrade from 2010 White Macbook

OK, so context:

I’ve had my 2010 White Macbook since 2010, back in high school. It’s been a kick-butt machine and I really have enjoyed using it. I’ve upgraded it with a 512 GB SSD and to 8GB of RAM. I’m due for an upgrade.

I know at this point given the length in time any new computer will be a significant upgrade for me. I was hesitant in the past year to pick up a MacBook Pro given the keyboard issues. That said now I think it’s good to figure out my options.

My budget is about $2,000 or so. Primarily I use it for running various apps at once (multitask anybody?), web browsing, managing my backups, light video work on occasion, lots of Chrome tabs (it’s a disease), writing, and using dictation software (Dragon Dictate). Manly, I have a lot of programs open at once and running. I find my current computer can get overwhelmed and spontaneous restart and is feeling it’s age.

I’m certainly used to and love the reliability of my 2010 Macbook keyboard as well as the layout/spacing. I’d consider using an external keyboard if it’s docked at home. I was considering an iMac for screen real estate but I’d rather have the mobility of a laptop. Often I keep my laptop docked or plugged in overnight and when I’m at work. This could change in the future given I would rather bring in my own device for work then try and use a Windows laptop. I’d also highly think about getting an external monitor as I’d love the roomier screen without going to a 15" as that could get bulky in backpacks etc.

Also for info as well I’d rather have at least 512 GB in storage space though in the next year will probably pick up a Synology as well. I do like the lightness of the MacBook but it might seem too light and not powerful enough.

I’d appreciate any thoughts, questions, or other insights.

How urgent is the need for a new laptop? If you can wait, I think it would definitely make sense to see what new laptops Apple might release this fall.

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Within the next 6 months

In that case I’d definitely wait an see if Apple releases something this fall that would meet your needs better than the current lineup.

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Definitely wait. Rumors are for three new Macbooks coming within a month or so, including one XR-type model (middle size screen, least expensive). According to

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there’s a next-generation MacBook in the works, which is expected to include upgraded processors. No other design changes are believed to be on the horizon as the MacBook last saw a redesign in 2015.
Intel in August announced its 8th-Generation “Amber Lake” Y-series processors, which are suitable for use in upcoming 2018 MacBook models.
Chips appropriate for the 12-inch MacBook include the 1.1GHz Core m3-8100Y, the 1.3GHz Core i5-8200Y, and the 1.5GHz Core i7-8500Y, which have much higher maximum clock speeds than previous-generation chips, suggesting some significant performance and battery improvements.
Intel says its new chips can last up to 16 hours on a single charge, while also offering double-digit gains in performance compared to previous-generation chips. All of the chips use Intel’s UHD 620 integrated graphics and are expected to be released in the third quarter of 2018, with the timing perfect for a fall refresh of the 12-inch MacBook.
Rumors have suggested Apple is to planning to introduce a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook in the second half of 2018, which would serve as a replacement for the MacBook Air. Few details are rumored about the new 13-inch MacBook, which could actually belong to the 12-inch MacBook family.
Apple’s upcoming low-cost notebook will feature a design similar to the current 13-inch MacBook Air, but with slimmer bezels and a Retina display, according to Bloomberg. Rumors have also suggested that it will include support for Touch ID, but without the inclusion of a Touch Bar.
Rumors have suggested the low-cost notebook could be positioned as either a MacBook or a MacBook Air, but Bloomberg believes it will be in the MacBook Air family. It’s not clear how a 13-inch Retina MacBook Air fits in with the 12-inch Retina MacBook lineup, so Apple’s full plans are still unclear.
Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes a low-priced notebook is in the works, and while he originally thought that it would be in the MacBook Air family, he recently changed his mind.
Kuo now suggests that the lower-priced 13-inch MacBook that’s in the works could “replace the position” of the current 12-inch MacBook. Kuo’s wording is somewhat unclear, though, so it’s not entirely clear if he believes Apple is replacing the entire MacBook line with new lower-priced machines or if he just expects this to be an entry-level MacBook offering to replace the current version of the MacBook…
Quanta is said to be fulfilling orders for Apple’s new “inexpensive notebook” starting in the fourth quarter of 2018, which suggests a launch in September or October.

Another vote for wait and see, that said I just got a new MacBookPro and have been using it next to my 2016 model MacBookPro and the new revamped keyboard feels a bit better to me, still sucks compared to my 2011 though.

Depending on a lot of factors I would challenge people to consider if it comes living with just a revamped MacMini and iPad as a computing, but that might not work with your use of dragon dictate.

Thanks all, I’m going to wait and see about the upcoming announcements and then do some digging into what I will end up getting.


Hi all,

As such with the latest updates, I’m leaning towards a 2018 Macbook Pro Touchbar 13" with 512GB SSD. I will also consider getting an external keyboard too. I thought about the Macbook Air that was just released but I would be getting more bang for my buck with the MBP. That said I’ll double check with my friend at the local Apple Store (he originally sold me my Mac) about what he thinks as well. Glad I waited and hoping to purchase around Christmas time.

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I saw you mention Dragon Dictate. It’s now been discontinued for the Mac:

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Yeah I know, I’m rather annoyed about the neews

I lost my job in November and should be started a new job finally this week. As such I’ll wait and see what my computing options are. That said I think I’ll still go with the 2018 MacBook Pro as I previously stated but will wait a month or two once I get in a few paychecks.

Finally starting my new job. My game plan is to wait till July/August to see if there’s a 2019 MacBook Pro refresh. I do like the idea of an always on MacMini though could achieve much of that usefulness with a Synology (saving for the 918+). Also on the hunt for a nice display, ideally 4K display though might wait to see if Apple releases something.