Help Finding Out Where Keyboard Shortcut Is being Triggered from

Stating last night on one of my Macs if I hit

No matter what app is in front a window like an open dialog pops up. The front application does not change but this window appears.

I have a few app specific macros in Keyboard maestro that use that hot key that are no longer firing because this is?

I cannot for the life of my figure out which app is causing this. I have no App Shortcuts setup using that key combo. I quit Alfred, Keyboard Maestro, and few other apps and this is still happening.

Anybody have any ideas.

**I know it will be something silly but Its been bugging me all day.

Shortcut detective is my first stop for troubleshooting things like this. It’s free.


⌘-O is the standard macOS keyboard shortcut to “Open the selected item, or open a dialog to select a file to open” according to macOS Help.


Maybe you close all applications, and then hit the Shortcut, and have a look either on the Taskmanager or via OPT+CMD+ESC which App has startet with the shortcut.

Looking closer at your picture, this could indeed be the dialog window @KVZ described in her post.

Right but prior to today if i had an app open where I had CMD+O mapped to a Macro in Keybaord Mestro it would execute the macro. Its happening in all different apps even without items selected.

In General I would trying to avoid assigning Shortcuts within KM, that are already in use by the OS.

Sure. It’s not common, but not unusual, for KM to hang and not respond to a shortcut.


Okay figured it out. For some reason one of the keyboard shortcuts in CleanShotX decided tobecme Global. So when I disabled that Hot Key which was CMD+O my system started working again.

i THINK those keys are only in action when you have a screenshot floating and the other hot keys configured there work as expected in other apps. The other weird thing is my two laptop are configured the exact same way and CMD+O works as expected per app.

Glad the mystery is sovled I’ve never used that hotkey for CleanShotX so disabling it wasn’t a hassle.