Help for family member to activate Apple Music

I’ve added a relative to my Apple Music family sharing. I’m seeing her info on my account and under suggested people to add to various things. She has an iPhone 12 but cannot get Music to give her access. Apparently she is getting a screen that wants her to sign up for Music. She is a tech neophyte (this is her first smartphone) and she is far away, so I am unable to help her. It’s difficult to find out where she is in the process.

Does anybody have a link to a site that describes activating AM under these conditions? She has been off work for a while, and I think she is waiting to go back so one of the “kids” can help her. I’d like to get her up and running so she can start enjoying the music.



When you say far away, would that by any chance mean in another country? One of the reasons family sharing does not work (not just for AM) is if Apple IDs are not in the same country (region).

I’m located in another country but we’re both in the US Apple store. Apple accepted her as a family member and, as I said, her Apple ID is appearing on my account. It all seems to be OK from Apple’s side. I think she is just having trouble setting up her phone.

Here are two website, that might be helpful

Thanks so much for this information. I’ll have a look when I get a few minutes (at work and swamped at the moment).