Help installing Python to run Arq Backup

Struggling to use the terminal commands to properly instal python, could use some help.

Do you mean ? If so, I’m not sure what you need Python for. If not, I’m not sure what you mean, and therefore it’s hard to know how to help.

Links? What have you tried? What error message are you seeing, or what is happening vs what you expected ?

Yeah tj Arq Backup. Give me a bit as I’m with a buddy but I’ll comment the details in a bit. Thanks for the quick response.

What is not working exactly when you download and install?

This seems odd. I don’t even see anything on their website about python.
Googling site: python has no results.


Color me confused as well, as you do not need to “install” python to use Arq in either of its forms (the “standard” Arq backup where you provide your own backup storage service, or the new version that is somewhat like BackBlaze in which Arq providers the backend and a more automated process).

Python itself is included (currently) with MacOS, in the form of python 2.7. You can install python 3. Most people seem to prefer doing so via home-brew. I have not yet done that, it is on my fall project list (to install python 3 and convert my many scripts over to version 3) in anticipation of Catalina.

If you provide some clarification perhaps we can help you.

Finally using my computer and able to respond fully.

So the problem is that my B2 application key needs to be refreshed. When I click in Arq I get the following message:

In other words I need to find my secret key. Not sure if this is able to be found on my B2 account.

I see reference of that here briefly

To @JohnAtl and @tjluoma’s credit, I made an error. I need Python to run B2’s command line tools as of here:

In trying to use the terminal to instal the B2 command line tools, I get the following issues in terminal:

Hopefully all the detail I’ve provided in this comment is enough to go off of for next steps or further help. My apologies for not providing so earlier.

Also here is another screenshot as well if needed

Yep see my post/comment just below yours @nlippman you were just too quick for me! I explained it in more detail, hope that would help. I think too for some stupid reason I might have uninstalled Python 2.7 and Python 3.0 when I moved computers recently.

Ah, I understand.

I believe you can retrieve that key from the BackBlaze website; there should be a way to do so under your account information or the B2 menu (left hand side of the main screen).

I wonder if you can repair your install if you have deleted python 2.7? (That should be relatively hard to do given where the system files are stored in Mojave, I would have thought.)

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So I went to the Python website as @DaveyGravy suggested and downloaded them just fine. Installed 2.7 and 3.whatever version. So on that end I’m all good.

I doubt if you uninstalled Apple’s copy of Python 2.7, as I’ve heard that breaks things in a major way and requires reinstalling macOS. It looks like you can use the default install for the B2 command line tools. Unless you have other reasons to install Python 3, I’d just go with 2.x for simplicity’s sake.

Installing Python is one of the biggest pains in the butt I’ve encountered since leaving Linux. Anaconda, environments, package managers, conflicts between the decade-old v. 2.x and the new 3.x versions. It’s kind of nuts. I might want to use Python in the future, but there’s so much overhead and heartache that I’m sticking with MATLAB and R at the moment, and avoiding 3.x for the time being.

I got the B2 command line tools running so that’s good, just need the keys

Ok let me outline what I want:

I already have 3 B2 Cloud Storage Buckets. I’d like to still continue backing up to these storage buckets so I don’t have to start over. If I don’t know the Application Key what are my options? Can I create a new one and have it backup to an existing bucket? Once 1pm PST hits I will see about chatting with B2 support to figure out what next steps unless anybody else has an idea. What should have been a simple process is a bit more involved but thankfully I have the day off work to do stuff such as this.

Alright so Christopher from Backblaze support (he’s awesome!) was able to lend a hand. So luckily in 1Password I had my Master Application Key and Account ID saved. I generated new keys as “add a new application key” and then saved them in my notes section in 1Password. All is well now and things are going to backup tonight. Might take a couple days of backing up at night to catch all the way up but it’s working. Now on to reinitializing my Carbon Copy Cloner backups.

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So interesting enough I got the following error within Arq

Error: Encryption password not found in keychain for computer UUID …, path ‘JDArchive’

I emailed Arq support to see about resolving this unless anybody else has solutions.