Help! iPad battery life and universal control [RESOLVED]

tldr - see bold text below and ignore the rest.

I confess… I now use Universal Control consistently throughout the day, every day. (It’s harder now to walk out the door without both my MacBook Pro and my iPad. But I manage.) I know we’ve said a bunch on the topic of Universal Control (see links below), so I’m not posting here to wax poetic. I do have a question, though, about battery experience.

I now chew through my iPad’s battery in about 5 or 6 hours. Thus, my friends, I propose these two questions. First, is there a convenient way to turn Universal Control on and off, so I can just disable it when I’m not needing it? Second, in the alternative, has anybody figured out a way to optimize battery life with Universal Control enabled?

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Sure, I have my USB-C cable inside my iPad, and let the Battery Management doing the hole trick… :wink:

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Like @Ulli I have a USB-C cable at the ready, and generally keep it plugged in all day long.

As for an easy way to control it, you can put a Displays control in the menu bar, which can be used to turn Universal Control on and off. This may get added automatically when Universal Control is enabled as I cannot see any way to do this manually.

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I am fortunate to have an older iPad that I use for my Universal Control unit. It lives on my desk now. I leave it plugged in at all times.

I had been meaning to sell it or give it away. Now I’m glad I didn’t. This is why our house is so cluttered.

My more recent iPad lives next to the couch in the living room.

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Off track a little bit, my iPad pro 2020 battery still doing fine but my newer iPad mini 6 battery life is not great. It would drop from 100% to less than 50% in 24 hours even if I do not use it.

Like others, I have USB-C cable plugged into iPad pro while using UC.

That’s a simple enough solution. I just thought the whole leave-the-charger-plugged-in was BAD BAD BAD. Danger Will Robinson. If there is no danger, that’s simple enough to stay plugged in.

HELPFUL! Now I feel lame. I didn’t realize you could just disconnect your iPad from the display control settings.

And now I have workable solutions to both questions.

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There is no Memory anymore with the Li-Batteries, and Apple is using a Battery Management System to keep Batteries in good health.
You may observe, that the power would be kept around 80%, while the iPad is connected over a longer period of time, and that the power is increasing and decreasing around that point.

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