Help IPad Pro and Google Sheets Workflow

So I am thinking there has to be a very simple solution to this problem and it needs to be simple because I am clearly not clever compared TGI the geniuses in here.

So I am trying to use my iPad Pro more, and in my line of work I tend to use the same four google sheets every day.

On the iPad Pro I deleted the app, and I have to currently open the browser login as me then open the first sheet. Then repeat this process three More times.

I am thinking there has to be an app or a shortcut which I could install which would allow me to automatically open the same four google spreadsheets instantly. ?

Any help gratefully appreciated


If you’re happy to work through Safari, you should be able to create a simple shortcut with two steps:

  • Text: list the URLs for each Google sheet, one per line
  • Open URLs

That should open all of your URLS in tabs.

Just tried that in iPadOS 14— forgive me if it works differently in iPadOS 13, or if I’ve misunderstood your request…