Help me change wallpaper with Focus modes (IOS16 Public beta)

Hi Everyone.
I’m hoping someone can help me with a shortcut challenge in IOS16 Public Beta.

I’m new to shortcuts and have assigned a shortcut to the action of changing focus - All seems to work OK and I’m using a new wallpaper and home screen for this particular focus. What I’m struggling with is returning to the original wallpaper & homescreen (new IOS16 home screen with widgets) when the focus mode is turned off. Can anyone help?

Would really appreciate any assistance!
Thank you.

@jasonholt, you select the focus mode from the Lock Screen customization screen. You can call it up by pressing and holding the Lock Screen.

You should see at the bottom a button to ‘Customize’ the Lock Screen and just above it another button marked ‘Focus’ from which you can select a focus which identifies the wallpaper, apps, contacts, Apple watch face and Safari tabs to display while in that focus mode.

When you are no longer in the selected focus, e.g., the Sleep Focus window is expired, it will automatically revert to the previously displayed selections.

Ok thanks. Thats really helpful - I hadn’t spotted that focus button!
It’s seems though that IOS expects a focus mode to always be explicitly set?
If I simply turn off a focus mode the system won’t return to the previous state.

That’s what I’ve experienced as well. I’ve set a “default” focus mode where in essence nothing happens other than my default wallpaper is set. I’ve added automations for all focuses to revert back to that focus when they reach their triggered end, and otherwise I manually switch to that one.

How do you set a different wallpaper for a focus mode please?