Help me figure out my usage for a NAS and my backup strategy?



Lots of excellent advice here and I see no reason to weigh in, but I will anyway.

What I want is a Time Capsule replacement. TC, as you all know, is not RAID, but many (most?) of us are using one as part of a comprehensive backup scheme.

Elsewhere I’ve seen some enthusiasm for using a Raspberry Pi as a TC replacement. Personally I think this is a terrible idea.

The great thing about TC: it “just works”, and it’s quiet.


I wish they’d update the Time Capsule but maybe that would be replaced by a NAS


Today’s Apple wants to lease cloud, not sell NAS or TC. They won’t even put a HD into an Apple TV - they’re all about the stream now (even if it’s just from your macOS/iOS device). And with QNAP and Synology offerings there’s not a lot Apple could offer that’s value-added by comparison, especially for such a tiny hardware niche. And since it is such a small niche they’re even less likely to consider it.


True. I thought I read though of issues of running Time Machine on a NAS like Synology?


I think I’m leaning towards a Synology to start and then if I find I want to separate my Plex stuff I can move that to unRaid and that also opens up the possibility later of using a Mac Mini for stuff as well.


It’s working fine for me. My iMac Pro alternates between backing up to my Synology and to an external USB-connected (spinning) drive.

MacBook Pro backs up over WiFi. It fails sometimes due to disconnecting (e.g. when I leave in the morning, or sleep the laptop). I don’t worry too much. I usually have a wired connection once or twice a week, and it uses that too. When the laptop is at school, it backs up to a small (1T, 2.5”) spinning drive.

I do bootable backups with Carbon Copy Cloner every couple of weeks. I need a more definite schedule for this. Backup destinations are external SSDs.

Finally, both laptop and iMac are backed up by Backblaze.

Folks here on the forum helped me think these things through. I’m grateful for their help. Unexpected consequence of getting a NAS, internet usage is through the roof


Are you using your Symbology for Time Machine?