Help me find a break timer

I have looked extensively for a good break timer but I’m not finding exactly what I need. I have also tried several including BreakTime, and BeFocused Pro, and others.

I’d appreciate recommendations! Here is what I’m looking for:

  • Purpose: to remind me to take a break each hour so I can take a 10 minute walk around the office
  • Customizable to I can set the reminder to go off every 50 minutes M-F at preset times, e.g., from 7am to 4pm
  • Works on the iPhone with a compatible Apple app. And syncs across the two. BeFocused Pro is not working correctly to signup for syncing across devices.
  • I’ll happily pay for the app but will not add a subscription.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

If you have Keyboard Maestro you could have that remind you in that schedule.
If you then send the notifications to pushover you would get a push message on your iPhone as well.

This way it is also very customizable, and easily set up.

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I use a physical time timer. For me, it’s more about noting that time is passing and staying on task. They are completely silent, no ticking to drive you mad. They also only do one thing, so there’s no distracting shiny internet hiding behind an app. They also have iOS apps for phone and ipad.


I love my Time Timer, though I mostly use it for workshops.

A smaller, similar option is something like this:

It is a pretty neat gadget. I used it to keep myself on pace for comprehensive exam study. Each paper got a certain amount of time depending on how long I wanted to spend on it (different faces of the cube). The physicality of it kept me engaged, instead of accidentally losing too much time on one resource.

Full transparency: my cube is a little glitched, in that I can’t customize the time on one or two of the faces. The company discounted me for the trouble.

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Thanks, I’ll check out Time Timer! Much appreciated!

Focus Keeper (iOS don’t know about Mac) The timer section of the Due app… iOS recently upgraded to work with Siri.

Edit add — oops not answering your criteria

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