Help me give Beta feedback on Apple Notes and Reminders?

I don’t install betas, I’m chicken (or smart). :grimacing: So, I’m asking any kind souls who are currently using the betas of Apple Notes and Reminders to submit feedback because I can’t. Here is the feedback I’d appreciate having sent, using your own words of course:

Apple Notes
— Please add back linking to the new linking feature.
— Please add back and forth ward navigation arrows so that one can navigate back and forth between notes.

Reminders for Mac
— Please enable the ability to select a List from a dropdown menu like one can in the iOS version. Forcing one to drag and drop is, well, a drag.

Thanks in advance!

It wasn’t immediately clear what you meant here at first. But I suppose you mean like the back and forward arrows in browsers. Click a link and then the back arrow takes you back to the previous note. Then you can click the forward arrow to move forward without locating and clicking the link again.

Wow, how did that not get included in the initial implementation? Seems like a minimum requirement to me.

Yes, sorry I was not clearer. Are you saying that the new version of Notes now has back and forward navigation arrows? Is that only if you have created a link or on any note?

Notes in Sonoma (most recent beta, which dropped today) does not have navigation arrows. It does have menu items (with keyboard shortcuts) to go back and forth as shown below. Is this what you want, but with arrows?

You would like “select from List” added to this dialog when creating a new reminder in Reminders in Sonoma, correct?

When I understand exactly what you want I’ll send feedback to Apple (for this and Notes). :grinning:

I don’t think you need the beta; you can use this:

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Yes, exactly, just like one can in Reminders on iOS per my screenshot. Thanks much!

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Thank you. It looks like I can submit generic feedback following that link, which I can do, but it still may be helpful for those running a beta to do so.

Thanks for the link!

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Those shortcuts are new; they are not in the existing Notes version, as shown below. Those shortcuts are a step in the right direction (pun intended :grinning:). I also think arrows would be helpful like on a browser; otherwise, most people will not find they can navigate back and forth.

From Current Version of Notes:

Thanks for your help!

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