Help! Name of Old Media Cataloging App

I am looking at several cases of DVDs of file archives and I used to use a Media Cataloging app but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I know it isn’t stored on my current iMac, but if I can get the name, maybe I can be more effective in trying to continue to search for it (along with it’s database).

  • I feel like it was called something like My Media Catalog or Media Library. I think I would know the icon if I saw it.
  • I can’t remember if I bought it alone or if it were in a bundle (which I’ve looked at some of my bundle receipts) and I’ve searched through Mac blogs of which apps were in bundles.
  • I likely had it around 2009-2013ish give or take
  • It isn’t Delicious Library (I also had that, but used it for books instead)
  • It isn’t Bento, but I also used this one for some time for organization.

Anyone have ANY clue what it could be?

Mac apps I know of that catalog DVDs include

  • NeoFinder
  • Delicious Library
  • DiskCatalogMaker
  • DiskTracker
  • DVDpedia
  • Booxter
  • Coollector Movie
  • DVD Hunter

I think I may have just found it (the name, that is). I believe I used DiskLibrary which is unfortunately discontinued. Although DiskCatalogMaker sounds familiar.

I think at this point going through these DVDs one at a time would be faster.

You might have some luck using if you know something functionally similar.

I just found my external hard drive with my catalog files and they were created with an app called “Media Catalog” which was discontinued in 2011 :cold_sweat:

I can open the app, and import 10 DVDs but if I can’t find my license then this will be painful.

I tried to contact the developer, but I don’t know if that will come of anything. Fingers crossed.