Help needed! New backup drive + time machine decluttering issues

Kind of a long story here to disclose my issue but bear with me-

My backup needs have finally increased to beyond the 350GB capacity of my old Fantom GreenDrive external HDD. So, I upgraded to a 500GB SamsungT5 SSD.

Initially I purchased a 250GB drive by mistake and attempted to set it up as a new Time Machine volume. Then realized I’d bought the smaller drive, so I wiped it and sent it back to Amazon, and purchased the 500GB model instead.

The new drive came yesterday and I successfully set up a complete Time Machine backup on it. But now I have 3 backup drives within Time Machine and there is apparently no easy way to remove the old drives from my active list. What’s more, the OS keeps attempting to back up to them automatically, and I’m getting frequent notifications stating that “backup disk could not be found”. I have no intention of using either of the old drives for this purpose again, so how do I clear them out of my Time Machine menu?

I should also mention this whole process was well overdue and I hadn’t backed up anything in 8 months, (yeah yeah, I know better, it was eating at me too) so my next-most-recent Time Machine backup is almost worthless to me at this point anyways.

Here is a screen shot of my time machine menu, any suggestions on clearing out the cruft?? TIA…!03%20AM

If you right click on it then you can select “stop using…” and it will remove it.


I remember when I added my new NAS to the mix, TimeMachine asked me if I wanted to use both drive for backup or only the new one. Maybe removing it and adding it again will trigger that.

that got it! Thanks, Rosemary!

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