Help needed with a Siri Shortcut

Hey there

I was wondering if I could get some help with a shortcut as I am out of my depth here.

What I want is a way to easily create an invoice, work out what I need to bill for and then compose an email with all this information in.

The invoice needs to have the students names as well as if it is a 30 minute, 60 minute or taster lesson.

What I was thinking was having the initial question as how many students have you taught this week. If I say 5 it will then ask me to write the name of the 1st student, what length of lesson they had then work out what I should bill for and put that into an email displaying like this.

Steve 30 mins £8.80
Barry 60 mins £17.60
Sarah Taster lesson £7
Fred 60 mins lesson £17.60
Guss 30 min lesson £8.80

Total Due £59.80

Is this possible?

Definitely sounds possible. Do you just need the information you’ve shown in the body of the email, or do you also need to generate a PDF invoice to attach, with further information on it?

Hmm not sure. Either would be fine. Having it as the body of the email or in a PDF.

I have spent ages trying to do it but I have big gaps in my knowledge of what to do.

Here is an example that you could build from. Needs some additional logic to improve number formatting. As well, you need to add last step to act on the text. I’m hoping this gives you something to work from.

Glad to answer questions. — jay

Update. I missed the “Taster” requirement. This version adds that logic. I assumed the Taster entries could be spread through the list.

The flow could be simplified some if you grouped all of the Tasters together and the hourlies together. We could then avoid prompting you for that choice with every student.

This shortcut assumes the former.

Oh wow!

That is great!

Thank you so much. The hourly rate and the taster rate never changes. Is there a way to have those both as fixed without the need for input?

You are a genius!

Try this version. You’ll see the dictionary step at the beginning. If you need to change rate, simply update the values in that dictionary. Cheers! — jay


How did you learn how to do this stuff? Are there any resources out there to help understand this stuff better?

Thank you so much. It’s perfect.

Very kind of you to help me like this?


Matt, glad to help. We were all where you are at some point along our Workflow/Shortcuts journey!

Here are a few resources to start with.

In addition to the following, just experiment… build you own, try to troubleshoot your own, download and inspect others. You’ll get it…

Apple’s Documentation

Various MacStories resources

MacSparky Field Guide

Automators Discourse Forum

Most importantly… have fun in the process!! — jay

Thank you so much.

Can I ask one last thing.

Is there a way to make the final output a text file to be able to be sent to a text file?


Here you go. You can change the Save File step to a specific file location so that you are not prompted each time.

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Thank you again so much

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