Help needed with folder aliases and icons in Monterey 12.4

If I recall correctly, in previous version of macOS, if I made an alias of a folder, it would have retained the original folder icon (from folder icon images added years ago sometimes) and added the tiny arrow I’m bottom left corner. However now, it just creates a generic blue folder icon instead. So now I have to go to the alias folder - get info - and manually drag the original folder onto the top left image area in order to put the folder icon image back. Quite a laborious process.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know a better way to do this and retain the folder icon image when creating an alias?

Also does anyone recommend any good folder icon Mac friendly sites?

This is, unfortunately a common issue, happening to some user of macOS, going back somewhere to the beginnings of OS X, and going back and forth, with slightly variations.
There are a couple of discussions about it, and as far as I know, there is no solution for that, beside the manual correction of the icon, which normally removes the “Alias-Arrow” from the lower left corner.

If you are looking for icons, I could recommend this

The last “non-Beta-Version” could be downloaded at the lower part of the website.

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Great - Thanks for the update.

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