Help on keyboard shortcut - ⌘L

⌘L locks my mac - need to Open Location in Safari thoughAny help appreciated since i cannot find how to change it.
I have checked Keyboard Shortcuts but it’s not enabled there.
I have checked KeyCue and even added a Custom Shortcut, but when i press ⌘L my mac locks.
Searched if it is an Alfred issue but didn’t manage to locate it.
Thanks in advance.

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Try Shortcut Detective. It’s buggy now for me and prone to crashing, but it still runs and can often detect which app is responding to your keyboard shortcut.


Thank you!
it crashed both times i ran it :upside_down_face:

List out all the background utilities and apps running in the background (login items). Start turning them off until ⌘L no longer locks. That will point out the culprit. As a double check log in as another user and verify that ⌘L doesn’t do anything.


Thank you!
Closed all login items - no luck :smiling_face_with_tear: