Help please for WebDAV server on always on iMac

It was simply a matter of setting the port correctly, making sure I had a user and folder on the NAS server that I could store the data in and then starting the sync. If I recall correctly the initial sync took a LONG time to run and everything had to be stable (no using the mobile devices, not working in OF at the time to add or modify stuff etc.)

On the onmifocus side I use this as the sync location
Oogie is the name of my partition on the server. The final / was critical as I recall. It’s not supposed to be needed according to the documentation.
The file there is called OmniFocus.ofocus

My Devonthink Database sync is called asgard_sync.dtCloud and it’s at the same location https://asgard.local:5006/Oogie/

Make sure both the NAS and the machine you are starting from (In my case my iMac) ar eon the same wifi network and to get it running open up a finder window with the partition on the server in it by selecting locations and then logging in to the server.

As I said I set it up so long ago and it just owrks that if there was nayting else that I had to do I don’t remember.


I have to say thank you!! Your post gave me the confidence that, at least, it was practically possible to do this with the Synology when so many (very old) posts on the web showed the problems and reasons why it wasn’t working.

In the end, I managed to get this working … you were right in that the correct port and folder in the address is absolutely crucial. Then, two other steps were needed before it was successful:

Because I had entered different user credentials in previous attempts to have it work (thinking account privileges on the Synology was the problem), I had to (1) reset the OF database on iOS devices and (2) delete the keychain items for the login to the server on the Mac. Doing this allowed me to re-enter (the right) credentials for the Synology for the correct server address…

Finally, a syncing OF database on my own Synology … happy :grinning: … now to extend to the other Omni apps where I’ve used OmniPresence!