Help please for WebDAV server on always on iMac

I’m thinking about setting up a WebDAV server on my iMac, which has been getting lazy since I’ve started using my M1 MacBook Pro more heavily. The bulk of use so far would be for DEVONthink synch but I also use Omni Group products and Notebooks, so it could be useful there.

Does anyone have any suggestions for WebDAV server apps or any other experience to share? Thanks!

I can’t help you with WebDAV to run on a Mac. Products might be available. Don’t know.

I do have a Synology NAS device and I run a WebDAV server there and works fine as one of the ways I do a DEVONthink sync supporting 2 OSX and 2 iOS devices. I have not setup any port fowarding or firewall stuff to make this accessible to the Internet. Some people do.

However, that being said, if your devices are going to be on the local network, it’s easier to provide the fastest sync using the Bonjour sync method that DEVONthink provides. For sure do that before trying to setup a WebDAV server on you iMac. I have running three sync methods on all devices: Bonjour (fast and runs first), Synology WebDAV, and Dropbox. All work well. As doing no travel now, the Dropbox method is redundant and I probably should turn it off, but I keep it running anyway.

I understand though that you want to use the WebDAV for your other products. I don’t see that Omni makes a Bonjour protocol available–I use their service. I don’t know anything about Notebooks.


Everything you need should already be on your iMac. The Apache webserver has support for WebDAV through mod_dav.

So step 1 would be to setup Apache. Instructions seem to be here.
Next would be to enable mod_dav. Which is documented here.

It’s the benefit of having Unix under the hood. :slight_smile:


I’ve set up a WebDAV server on my Mac mini home server using Apache (though I installed via Homebrew rather than the instructions that @vco1 linked to).

I think @OogieM has some experience running her own WebDAV server. Maybe she’ll chime in.


Interesting news about WebDAV on iMac. Like it. I’ll probably play with it.

I found as maybe a starting point. The links @vco1 might be more credible. Like everything on the Internet … well, you know.

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There’s a webdav server app on the App Store.
Don’t know anything about it.


You don’t need WebDAV for DEVONthink 3 sync with DEVONthink to Go – if that’s the use case you’re talking about. Bonjour sync works well. Of course it’s all on the local network.


Just downloaded it two days ago. Haven’t put it through it’s paces but it seems pretty easy for selecting folders and then letting you asses it though any WebDAV enabled app.


I run a WebDAV server on the Synology NAS and use it to sync DEVONThink and Omnifocus. It was easy to set up as long as you follow the instructions carefully and has worked well with no issues.

I was running a server on my Mac for a while to test things out before I got it all moved to the NAS. As I recall (it’s been a couple of years) the standard MacServer app can be set up as a WebDAV server out of the box. I don’t rcall any issue siwth it other than it made my mac slow and as I started having that problem that is what prompted me to get ti running on the Synology.


My first thought was Homebrew too. However a (very) quick search didn’t reveal the apache webserver. Turned out it’s listed as httpd (the process name) on the formulae page. Duh!

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Apple removed most services (including Apache) from Server last year.


I have Bonjour sync set up. It’s really fast when it works but I get “database busy” errors with iOS and have to close DEVONthink on both ends to reset. I guess that’s something I should post on the DEVONthink forum.

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Do get my MPU badge revoked when I admit to being nervous around terminal commands? I’m a bit of a GUI wimp!

Thanks so much for the replies guys! @OogieM I wondered whether there would be a speed trade off, good to know your experience.

There are a couple of WebDAV server apps on the AppStore so I think I’ll give them a try. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Sorry, I didn’t know. As I said once it started slowing down my machine I stopped using it.

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Oh, no need to apologize :slightly_smiling_face:
Just something I ran across while looking for an answer.

I settled for WebDAVNav Server on the Mac App Store. So far I’ve only used it for DEVONthink as this was my most pressing need, I shall probably experiment further with other uses if the need arises, but I’m mindful of @OogieM experience of host slow down.

It was very straightforward to set up and syncing has been fast and flawless. I haven’t noticed any trade off in speed with my limited use.

Thanks so much for your replies, they really helped.


Would like to piggie back on this and ask you Oogie how you managed to have this working with your Synology NAS. Using the inbuilt WebDAV server on my Synology I am having zero luck in having OmniFocus sync even a first time.

Also, are you accessing it from the internet (using HTTPS) or only on your local network?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


Sorry I can’t help with Synology webDAV, I’m using an iMac that is always on. I decided to use the webDAV solely for DEVONthink sync as this was the main problem area for me. @OogieM warned that webDAV had slowed down her Mac so I’ve never bothered using it for OmniFocus which works fine for me through Omnipresence.

And I’m only accessing WebDAV from my local network.