Help Presenting a PDF as a Slideshow on iOS (no scrolling)

Hey Friends!

I have created a PDF eBook that is designed to be viewed as a full-screen presentation. On the Mac, Preview lets you enter Slideshow or FullScreen and advance PDF pages with your arrow keys.

However every PDF app on iOS defaults to either side-to-side or up-down scrolling. Is there an app that can make a PDF like a slideshow where it goes full screen and you just tap the screen to advance to the next page?

I want “image gallery” behavior where I can just advance to the next slide, but on a PDF.


Readdle PDF Expert has a “presentation mode” that does just this.

Also, an easy workaround would be to export each page as an image to Photos and play them in sequence as a slideshow.

For slightly more control - paste each image into Keynote.

Thank you!

I am distributing this as an ebook download and so I really need to keep it a PDF.

I have PDF expert, I will try it out, thanks so much @airwhale

Dang, so close!

I was able to get it in Presentation Mode in PDF Expert, but it still swipes right to left. If I could figure out a way to just jump to the next slide, I would be there!

If this eBook is created for distribution, you would rather not be happy, if you find an App that is doing what you want, because your reader most probably won’t have this app, or do use it for eBooks.
So, have you tried the eBook Reader’s that are most likely used by your reader?