Help Requested - Workflow to add photos to Evernote

Really looking for some help.

I want to use a iOS Workflow app workflow that selects all my photos taken today and then adds them to a note in Evernote. I seem to have tried tons of combinations but can’t seem to make it happen.

I know this community is amazing so thanks in advance

The trick is to filter by date taken and choose the variable “Current Date”:

Please note that you’ll still need to manually fire up the workflow at the end of the day.

So if you plan to do that often then I’d suggest to create an IFTTT rule which will append new pictures taken from your iPhone to an Evernote note automatically. No manual intervention required.

Thanks Damien, I have set this up as you describe BUT when I check Evernote the note is created with NO images. Any thoughts?


Thanks for the feedback, @IainMc!

If you used the name I suggested for the Evernote note (Today’s pictures), please try a new one that has no special character.

In my case, I noticed that Evernote was creating a different note each time I triggered the workflow.

I was only able to solve this problem when removing all special characters from the Evernote note’s name (TodayPicture for instance).

Maybe the same issue is happening for you too.

I’ve tried with screenshots and I noticed that it takes at least 5 seconds for Evernote to display a single picture so the image resolution could be the culprit too.

Looking forward to your feedback.

@DamienSchreurs thanks for these pointers. Been distracted but have come back to this and will explore more. Really appreciate the input