Help: Suggested monitor with new iPad

Purchased the 11in iPad which I plan to use in my private practice. My goal is to draw family diagrams (genograms) on my iPad while my clients watch on a monitor. This will allow them to interact with me in the moment, providing changes and additions on the fly.

I’m looking for a simple - ideally inexpensive - monitor that can connect to my iPad and mirror what is on my iPad screen. That’s it, that’s all. ,

So two questions:

  1. can anyone recommend a monitor that will work with the new iPads?
  2. What cord do I need to do this?



Theoretically any monitor will work. I got a USB C around HDMI cable for one of my monitors and my MacBook Pro that works with my iPad nicely. You could also use a monitor that has USB C as an input, or HDMI with a USB C to HDMI Adapter.

Good luck with the drawings, this sounds fascinating!


Rosemary - you are WAY more in the know than I. What exactly do I search for on Amazon? For example, am I simply looking for monitors that work with USB-C? And even then, do I need to purchase another cable, or do I use the cable that comes with the monitor?

Also any recommendations from you would be most welcomed.

I searched for USB – C monitor is on Amazon, and this one appeared. The size and price point are exactly what I’m looking for, but nowhere in the description does it mention USB – C. Would this monitor work?

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I’m not really in the know! I just use a comparison site available in Austria and Germany (Geizhals) to filter to my needs.

I’d suggest just buying a monitor you like the look of and getting a USB C to HDMI or DisplayPort cable to transfer the data. (Or you could get an Apple TV and AirPlay your iPad to mirror it, but that’s more money than a cable.)

I’m pretty certain that monitor won’t actually have USB C in though, it doesn’t look recent enough to me. (When in doubt check the model number on the manufacturer’s website though, I just did and it does not have USB C, but it does have HDMI.)

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I purchased a Dell U2718Q 27" monitor earlier this year to use with my 2016 MacBook Pro. It’s a really nice monitor and it works well with the new iPad Pro (I tested it with the 12.9" yesterday). It has both DP and miniDP ports and you can pick up a USB-C to DP cable pretty inexpensively (I went with this one:, which is currently available on Amazon Canada for $18.99).

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I would suggest a monitor with a DisplayPort connection, simply because you can do that with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable rather than requiring a dongle.

How far away from the monitor will your clients be? That will probably affect how big of a monitor you want.

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Is a tv and Apple TV still out of the question?


If you want a large 28” 4K, this monitor works fine with the iPad -

The output from the iPad looks excellent and the monitor also works well with MacBooks if you need it.

I got it on sale for 250€. I’ve tested it with a generic USB-C to displayport cable from Amazon and an iPad 11” with no problems at all (the DisplayPort adaptor allows 60hz, unlike most HDMI which only support 30hz).


Very helpful, thanks!

Thanks for chiming in Tim! Good to see you in these parts.

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I am a neuropsychologist, and I’ve been doing what you want to do for the past few years now, but with no wires!

Hardware: I use an LG 27UD69P, which is a 27" 4K UHD monitor. It’s a bit lacking next to the iMac 27" 5K, but it still gets the job done with aplomb. My 9.7" iPad Pro broadcasts to that monitor, which I rotate on an ErgoTech Freedom Arm during feedback sessions to face towards my patients.

Software: GoodNotes iOS app to display testing results interactively (live drawing on the screen) and occasionally will use very short Keynote presentations I have made to cover some more complex clinical topics. AirServer runs on the iMac and effectively lets the iPad see it as an airplay device. It broadcasts a nice, relatively full screen, and is super fast/responsive. I have tried using an Apple TV in the same manner, but with inconsistent and somewhat lackluster results.

Overall, the setup is pretty flawless, and, as I said, I’ve been running it more or less in this fashion for the past three years or so.


Fantastic - great setup!

I just purchased the UBC-C -> DP that @timstringer suggested above. As well, purchased a 32in LG monitor:

Hopefully I’ll have it setup (and will share photos) before my first client arrives tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge and setups.


Wanted to chime in with a few thoughts here, courtesy of 9to5mac…

The new iPad Pro can connect directly to USB-C displays, that communicate over the DisplayPort standard. You can plug a USB-C cable into the iPad on one end and an external monitor with a USB-C port on the other, like the 4K LG UltraFine display. The iPad supports HDR10 output, so it can take full advantage of high-dynamic range displays where available, like the 27-inch LG 27UK850.

The iPad can output to 5K displays. However, the LG 5K UltraFine display that Apple sells is not compatible. Why? It has a USB-C connector but it is a Thunderbolt 3 display. The iPad does not support Thunderbolt. 5K USB-C displays are really scarce at the moment and we don’t have any good recommendations just yet.

If you want to connect to a display that does not have a USB-C port, like HDMI, you will need to use some kind of dongle or adapter. The iPad Pro can use an adapter to output using the HDMI 2.0 spec, which supports a max resolution of 4K at 60Hz, and can theoretically output HDR10 and Dolby Vision with compatible adapters (although none seem to be available yet).

The Apple dongle for HDMI is the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. This plugs into the iPad Pro USB-C port and adds a HDMI out, a passthrough USB-C port for power, and a standard USB-A port. The Apple adapter outputs 4K at 30Hz. You can even get USB-C to VGA adapters if you need to connect to old-school projectors or similar

Monitor is all set up, but only movies play at full screen. I contacted LG and they claim the adjustment has to be made on the “PC” end. All the menu options to adjust screen size were not available to use with iPad.

Any ideas on how to get an APP like Notability to appear on a full screen 32in monitor?

Currently, anything but movies looke like this:


That is something that needs to be supported by the app developer. If you have GoodNotes I think it does this (unfortunately I’m on a tram without an external monitor for testing :wink:).

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When you connect an iPad to an external display the default behavior is to mirror the screen. Since the iPad has a different aspect ratio that the monitor, you get black bars on either side (pillarboxing). Apps can be written to override this and to display different content on the external display rather than just mirroring. An example would be Keynote, where you can have just the slide showing on the projector while you’ve got presenter mode showing on the iPad. This also allows apps to take advantage of the full size of external displays that have a different aspect ratio.

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